Wednesday, June 9, 2010


This is what I want to share with you guys's cut and scratch of cat fight...!!It's between Kitty and Marble...Never thought they fight to bite my knee!!This bite is from Kitty and I'm so angry enough with him ...

It's all my fault.. because when they fight ... I will be the judges deliberate on them ...As a result ... so I am a victim of the bite of kitty ... Poor me ...=(

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's Marble a Marvelous Cat

Hi....It's June time enough for updating new topic for this blog...I have already have some Good news to share here...
By last Sunday...I've been to Sentul for lunch with the colleague...and then we're at parking lot and I saw a female cat... she was cleanse the body ... and I've already set on my mind that I want kitty to have life partner...because this is female cat and pattern of her hair is looks like 'marble cake' marvelous..and because she is too marvelous,so I choose the name of this female cat is Marble...

And we try to ask the shop owner that we want to adopt this cat if is not any problem...and the shop owner said, "you guys can take what ever you want..."
fooh..I'm felt grateful that day...And we try to find a box to put this marble into it...I and my frenz asked the 7-E staff if they have any kind of empty box..but they said NO MORE..poor little Marble..=(

We walk a few meter from the shop lot and we ask one grocery store that any empty box left? of the staff there just gave us an extra empty box of mineral water...So after that we took Marble road...take Marble home...ahahah...
While in the car, she sat quietly....Looks like she so happy when we took her into my car...when we reach home..we just put her out from the box and want her to feel comfortable at all...suddently Kitty just came back from the balcony and felt angry because we just bring back another cat to home...they were so noisy..because they look like trying to fight...don't know what to my mom said..."tak kenal maka tak chenta..."