Monday, May 24, 2010

Everythins is Ok!

jObs?Work hard??stayback???OT???
can't say a few word messy with this table...and those people here is giving me shit~
hurmm...people in here are trying to take advantage of this company...I don't want to talk too much here..because I'm NOT doing that bad things...Looks likes an Ot a few of people who take advantage of the OT ..I don't mind.... but I'm afraid one day the boss will catch those kinds of people who's punch others people card...seriously...

This such things will effect on other employees....I do not want to be angry and too emo because I am not authorized to use in this case...Furthermore, I am not anyone here .. just disappointed with the attitude of people like this... I'm worried if one day they cut off our OT claim...and NO MORE OT anymore...

that's why I want you guys to avoid off it...I'm not the best of the rest... but the laws remain the law ...

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