Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Zero Hero 3 Minute Animation Reel

Haaa...bebaru ni aku baru perasan yang Zero Hero dah di lekatkan kat dinding Youtube..jadi di kesempatan ini nak jugak la aku war² kan dalam blog ni...^^
Ini antara hasil keje aku dan kengkawan aku di mana telah mendapat tempat di mata orang² kuat Animasi. Aku pon tak tahu nak cakap pe kat sini, yang penting aku eksaited sebab kredit nama aku naik di akhir minit ke 3:10 tu..^^
Meh aku postkan sipnosis cite ni dari laman Youtube..(malas nak taip²)^^'

Zero Hero is about how an old man with his odd pair; a Tapir, and his granddaughter wanting to become a superhero. Tok is an ex-military scientist who lives with a witty tapir. But Tok and Tapir is indeed an odd pair. Tok is always confident, enthusiastic and excited about things. However, due to his age, Tok is limited physically. Tapir doesn't say a word, but he is uncertain most of the time and hilariously clumsy in his every action. Bored with routine life, Tok & Tapir plan of becoming superheroes. Realizing that they don't have any special abilities, Tok and Tapir decided to start small-time by solving problems and keeping peace in their city. But neither Tok nor Tapir has been a superhero before and in their effort as 'T-1' and 'T-2' to keep things in order, they create chaos instead! Only Nat, Tok's eight year old granddaughter knows of the duo's secret identity. Nat is technology-savvy, and her smart-thinking often saves the day from the mayhem that Tok and Tapir leave behind. At school, Nat and her best buddy Timmy are often bullied by bigger kids. So Tok builds her Haroone, a bodyguard robot which can be transformed into any desired item. The problem is, occasionally, the cables and wires in Haroone get short-circuited, causing the robot to act crazy and unpredictable. Tok and Tapir's attempt to keep their city peaceful is often marred by attention-seeking glamour boy Fabio, a modeling photographer who is determined to reveal the true identity of Tok & Tapir. Every time, his attempt is failed by Nat with Haroone's assistance. Other characters also add more colour to the story. There's Tok's neighbour sporty Nanny Sally, Nat's shy friend, Timmy and his single waitress mother, Mimie, whom both Tok and Fabio have the hearts for. Will Tok & Tapir be able to save the day, and can this old man win the heart of his dream woman while doing so?

 Haaa...panjang gile aku copy paste kan? Itu lah al-kisahnye..apa pun aku baru cilok keratan akhbar dalam FB Tapir Reka Studio, baru la jugak dorang keluarkan artikel ni dalam NST..jadi tak salah pon aku sharekan untuk tatapan blogger² kat sini..^^

Antara orang² kuat untuk project Zero Hero

Layan kejap klip animasi 3 minit ni..^^ 

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